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FAST Kiteboarding Program

Kitesurfing is absolutely the most exciting and thrilling new watersport, guaranteed to get your heart pounding, yet it is easy enough for anyone to learn!
One of the biggest rushes of kiteboarding is catching air and flying above the water.  An advanced rider can easily jump 10-20 feet in the air and smoothly glide back down to the water as if their landing on a cloud. Although you do not have to boost huge air to have a great time kiteboarding, you can kitesurf in the waves, race courses, pull off wakeboard style tricks or just freeride to your hearts content. The possibilities are endless!

However, like in any “extreme sport” there are risks involved and these risks increase exponentially without proper training.  If used incorrectly, kiteboarding equipment can be dangerous to you and the people around you.  You wouldn’t learn to scuba or sky dive without proper training would you? Kiteboarding should be looked at in the same way. 

It’s for these reasons we’ve created our FAST Kiteboarding Program to eliminate these risks and provide you with a safe, productive and exhilarating experience.  We are dedicated to sharing our passion for kiteboarding with you and promoting this amazing sport in a manner that is professional, safe, and most importantly FUN!

Kiteboarding crystal clear beautiful waters of tampa bay clearwater beach area with jetski supported kiteboarding lessons and instruction at florida action sports kite school

“Once you experience the freedom of riding with the power of the wind, you’ll never be the same”

Why our FAST Kite Program will get you progressing quicker than anywhere else

  • Highly Qualified Professional Instructors, Focused on Your Safety and Progression.
  • Jet Ski Supported for “On the Fly at Your Side” Coaching – Eliminating All Walking!
  • Well Thought Out, Organized and Professional Lesson Plan, Keeping You On Track.
  • You’ll learn with the Latest Top of the Line Kites, Boards and Gear.
  • All Lessons are Held at Beautiful World Class Teaching Locations in Shallow Water.